September 11: On Remembering, Reading, and Not Daring to Do Much Else

A Summer of David Foster Wallace

I Like What I Like

Episodes in Strange Reading Environments

Shel Silverstein: A Life in Doodles

On the Shame of Dragons

A Monstrous Month: Week One

Baseball Books, Good and Bad

Franzen: the Silver Fox Tackles the Silver Screen

A Monstrous Month: Week Two

Evan Mandery’s First Contact and Q: A Side-by-Side Comparison

A Monstrous Month: Week Three

Race to the Bottom

A Monstrous Month: Week Four

Some Passing Thoughts on George Saunders’ “Tenth of December”

Close Encounters of the Third Kind(le)

You Stupid, Stupid People

A Q&A With Robert and Jane Rave

Good Book, _______ Movie

A Novel Approach

Defend or Refute: John Warner

Martin Gilbert, Biography, and Joe Posnanski

My Last Sports Post and #travelreads

Reading the Screen

A Lesson in Acknowledging Trends in E-books and Still Being a Snob

Hey! I Found Someone Defending Amazon

World Book Night 2012

The Year in Stuff We Liked: George Saunders’ Short Stories

The Year in Stuff We Liked: Quality Design

The Year in Stuff We Liked: Patchwork Novels

The Year in Stuff We Liked: Debut Novelists

The Year in Stuff We Liked: David Foster Wallace’s Continued Relevance

The Best of the “Best Of” Lists

Last to the Party, and Loving It

Rowling in the Dough

Diverging Views on Twitter Fiction

Five Debuts to Watch

The Five Best Books of 2012 (So Far!)

Jonah Lehrer is a Dull, Inept Sloth

An Interview with DT Max


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