Upcoming Reviews

It’s been a fairly quiet March around here, as we’ve been preparing for a stream of reviews to come in the first weeks of spring. Here’s a taste.

March 27: Amara Lakhous’s Divorce Islamic Style
The Algerian-Italian Lakhous’s second novel makes its American debut at month’s end, courtesy of Europa Editions. Written with equal parts frenzy and poise, Divorce Islamic Style examines multiculturalism through a refreshing lens.

March 27: Peter Beinart’s The Crisis of Zionism
What is the greatest challenge for American Jews going forward? In Crisis of Zionism, which is already generating fulsome praise and harsh criticism, Beinart posits that it is the preservation of liberal Zionism, both in the United States and Israel. Beinart’s scope of research and credibility is an asset in this dissection of the (increasingly young) Israeli right, and their decidedly liberal co-religionists in America.



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3 thoughts on “Upcoming Reviews

  1. It sounds as though you might enjoy ‘The Sexual Life of an Islamist in Paris’ by Leila Marouane. It was my Algerian book for A Year of Reading the World (http://ayearofreadingtheworld.com/) and like Lakhous’s book it looks at multiculturalism from a rather different perspective, as well as being very funny and well-written

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