So it was my (Marnie’s) birthday this past weekend, and I got what will forever be known as the Cleverest Gift Ever Given: my best friend was flown in to Boston as a surprise! I was knocked onto my ear, or whatever the expression may be. I was very surprised. And while the weekend was consequently spent not reading a single word of Christopher Hebert’s The Boiling Season, which we’ll be reviewing at the end of the month, I did manage to pack plenty of celebration in, often even of the vaguely literary persuasion. While getting our pedicures in Beacon Hill, for example, I had the whole salon listening in on my synopsis of Ramona Ausubel’s No One Is Here Except All Of Us, admittedly a far cry from the stacks of Heidi Klum-related reading material provided near the foot dryer. (Seriously, though, I am sorely missing my subscription to People out here in Boston. How am I going to know if a hardscrabble town finds its hero in a mother of five who stuffs backpacks full of school supplies for underprivileged fourth graders?!)

Beyond that, it’s been a week of post-birthday celebration, Valentinular celebration, and subsequent 50%-off-all-chocolate celebration. And, as ever, trying to ignore these awful new memes. As a general rule of thumb, if someone posts something on Facebook and captions it “LOL SO TRUE,” there’s a good chance it’s not not nearly as true or amusing as the offending FB friend has claimed. But maybe I’m just embittered by years of false lawling and trigger-shy from a history of rickrolls.

But here’s a link that’s NOT a song about never giving you up. Scholastic Parent & Child Magazine has announced (via a really cool interactive bookshelf interface) their list of the 100 Greatest Books for Kids. I’ve read 38 of them! How about yourselves? The choices are clearly the product of a well thought-out selection process that accounted for an even spread of ages, demographics, authors, genres, and eras, and made the sound decision to choose only the best of the best of beloved authors’ books so as not to inundate the list with multiple titles. It’s Friday; treat your adult  selves to the nostalgia party that is Scholastic.

Now, to fly to Washington, D.C. Three-day weekends FTW!

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