Been a little while, huh? We’ve been really busy of late, what with a new publishing season to deal with — requesting ARCs, fielding review requests (keep ’em coming!), trying to figure out if we will actually make it through a Boston winter with no significant snow accumulations — and a bevy of other real-life issues and minutiae. So, what are we reading?

Colin Winnette’s Revelation
This will be reviewed next week. It’s fun to review small press titles — all the more when the writers are as talented as Winnette. He is a talented writer — Revelation is a testament to this, as well as his honorable mention finish in the Leap Frog Press Fiction Contest in 2011 — with some credible fans. Look at this blurb by Ben Marcus:

“In Revelation, Colin Winnette sets fire to the world, and in the aftermath, characters wander through smoke, struck dumb by devastation. A forceful book — stripped down, cool, and painful — about the absolute peril of desire.”

Heady praise. Look for our review next week.

Have a good weekend. Eat some pizza, for Christ’s sake.

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